I hope you’re all having a really awesome and productive week and I’m really excited for this week’s video because it’s great a lot of you guys are writing even telling me what sort of tips you want to see and I’ve had quite a few requests asking that I cover some different tips to help you guys write your essays.

I’m going to cover two tips for writing essays which I’ve found on Edusson website, so I really hope that you like them and if you do then make sure to give this video a thumbs up and also I’ve got a really cute DIY today that I’m really excited about, so if you do recreate it. I’m not going to take my ears because you guys have to watch the end of the video to find out, but if you do recreate it then make sure to take a photo and upload it and just use the hashtag study with just so that I can see them anyways.

Let’s get started. Tip number one – make sure to reword information that you’ve taken from another source for your essay. It is really important when writing an essay that you reword the information you find in other articles, so you don’t get caught but plagiarizing someone else’s work. Using external resources such as articles and books is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of a particular topic and strengthen your arguments but unless you’re including a direct quote and referencing the author, I highly recommend you change the wording. This will also help to integrate the information into your paper and make your sentences flow better.

Tip number two – make sure your essay writing is precise and to the point only include something, if it adds to your argument one of the key criteria. I’m often marked on when I write an essay is whether I’ve written concisely and within the word limit. It is really helpful to pay attention to the word limit, because it gives you an indication of just how much you need to be writing in order to provide a strong argument. If you find that you go over your word limit by quite a few words, then it’s probably an indication that you should go back and review what you’ve written and see whether you have included in essay any unnecessary information.