I like to print my work off and then read over my essay carefully and make notes and comments myself as I go. I find that when I read each sentence and analyze it individually. It helps me to see whether I have written the same point why whether I have veered off path and included information that doesn’t really need to be in there and also whether I could make my writing more concise by including several points into one sentence.

How cute is this DIY to make this Apple storage jar. I’m just starting off by painting the base of the jar red and then painting the lid of the dark green, you could honestly make these jars into any fruit that you lack such as oranges, plums, apricots and pretty much any other round fruit and you can’t forget the stem of the Apple. I’m just going to take some green paper cut out a lick and stick it onto the lid and then I’m going the clock on top of the leaf in the center of the lid. I like to store all of my little knickknacks inside like my cute little erasers and paperclips oh and if you guys didn’t know honey favorite food is Apple no honey this Apple is not edible.

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