Today I want to talk about how to write a 10-page paper at one night. Papers do you get it three months in advance and of course you’re going to wait to the last minute to write it. That happens to pretty much a lot of students out there and are you is it over or you might as well give up now not necessarily. Let’s say that you have these got your materials together so depending what style you’re doing: you’re doing MLA or APA or whatever style of a paper that you need to write.

Of course you can go through there and go through and quote text and if you quote a big bunch of text what you do is you can pontificate upon that quoted text for a page and a half. Usually teachers like to read what your thoughts are and if you have a really neat quote that you’re doing for some of your research you can write upon it and speculate on it from that point. On my nakedness they can take a hill bite a great deal so you can get you five or six good quotes that can be a good.

10 page paper right there of course it’s better to gather your materials, gather your thoughts. Forgot your thesis statements, organize your paper you know weeks if not days in advance before it’s due however if the clock is ticking and you need to write a paper in a 10 page paper on one night it is possible to write a good paper and what I would focus on is quality versus quantity. I’d say a seven page paper is way better than a 10 page paper that’s no good 8 page paper is way better than a 10 page paper that’s unreadable so I would go for quality over quantity and you need at least getting a ballpark of what a 10 page paper is and you know if they might think you.

A few points for that well that’s fine I’d really have a good seven eight page paper than a 10 page paper that you can’t even read long as you put your thoughts in a concise manner it comes out and here’s one tip of writing that I was given: is that if you if people can understand the way you talk just write that way, if it’s clear and understanding you write that way you can always go back and tweak it and for all of us just getting that first paragraph getting that first page if a paper done is the hardest thing. Once you have that and usually this flows right out of the ideas or start connecting you sort of saying.

This is going to be a genius paper everything’s connecting together so anyway those are some tips for you that need to write a 10-page paper. Everyone it is possible there’s a lot of folks about that got out there and did that and so you can too as well. I wouldn’t wait for that I would lease to my research at least weeks in advance and have that ready to go how things have had the paper written your head before you sit down there and just type it up anyways hope that helps like a road.