Socializing is an essential part of college life. Facebook was hatched in a college dorm room for the purpose of networking with friends. Getting acquainted with your roommate is one thing; it’s also important to have other friends to keep your university life colorful.

College is as much about establishing connections as learning your chosen major. Getting acquainted with people outside the classroom gives you a chance to prepare for your future work environment. It may also be the best time to get to know other future professionals in the field.

To get yourself acquainted, it’s important not to use up all your time digging your nose in textbooks. There are many activities you can engage yourself into like team sports and student organizations. You may also support a group cause or become a volunteer.

To overcome shyness, you may start getting to know new people whom you share similar interests with. Having the same hobby or coming from the same hometown state makes it easier for new acquaintances to talk and open up. Birds of the same feather flock together, don’t they?

College life is busy, but there’s still room to wiggle and jiggle. Get yourself out there by attending school events or dorm parties. It’s a great way to meet and mingle with new people. Don’t worry if you are not invited to one party; there are plenty of events planned for the whole year – just be sure they don’t fall on exam week!

Social media is indeed a hip place to hang out since you can be virtual friends with pretty much anybody. In the real world, it’s also nice to know where you can find your friends to have a chat. Visit some of the cozy hangouts around the campus for some coffee or drinks. Those are great places to hold long conversations and friendly debates, just remember to keep your sobriety in check.

The friends you meet in college may not be like the ones you grew up with in high school but they can surely help you get through difficult classes and tough times. They may never replace your childhood friends but they are surely ones for keeps.