You want to be very specific when referring to the subject of your email question about an assignment seeking more information about what it is you’re seeking information about don’t put subject lines that are vague or uninformative when I receive email from students I look for the subject lines and the ones that I’m going to respond to first and if the highest priority are the ones that I can judge are important and timely issues and I judge that by looking at the subject line so the subject line is very important the salutation is how you address your professor or your boss or whomever it is you’re writing when you’re writing to a professor do not assume that you are on a first-name basis with the professor unless you are told that it’s okay to do that.

It’s a good idea to refer to your professors as to your professor colored your doctor color and again unless you’re specifically given permission to write on a first-name basis use the professor’s formal title when writing the body of your message be very clear about what it is you are looking for if you are requesting more information or requesting clarification make sure you you write very clearly what additional information you are looking for there are times when I receive emails where it’s not clear how I’m supposed to respond it’s not clear whether the student is just telling me something or asking me for something so make your question very clear avoid requesting information that you that is already available elsewhere so for example I have a course syllabus I have a video about the course it doesn’t create a positive impression when you write to me requesting information that you could easily get from the syllabus or from some other source okay moving on to the tone of email it’s not a good idea to write angry emails write accusatory emails or demanding emails that’s not the way to get cooperation from whomever you’re writing to.

If you happen to be angry or upset it’s a good idea to to not write the email at that time or write it review it again and send it later so that you can write it in a in a balanced way not not appearing angry not appearing demanding keep in mind when you’re writing professional email it’s not the same as texting so you don’t want to write abbreviations like lol or lmao no text speak right out your thoughts in full words full sentences correct grammar correct spelling have your emails have an error of formality to them make sure they are very clear and relatively brief people are busy emails can stress them out they don’t want to have to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of emails just basically to get to the point or or to get to the question so those are some comments about writing style then a few additional comments about timing.