“Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? why not use the Dollar for a bookmark?” – Steven Spielberg

Mr. Spielberg had a point. But why not make your own bookmark for free instead? A bookmark adds a personal touch to any book and oftentimes come with inspiring words to keep the owner reading.

Students flip through piles of boring black and white pages of textbooks for years. Using a bookmark can help brighten up those pages and give them a creative contrast.

Making your own bookmark is easy. Only basic tools are needed such as scissors, ribbons, cut-out images or text, glue and a little creativity!

Paper bookmarks are great for thin paged books like the Bible. These have the least the impact on its pages as well as the spine. Create a mini collage using cut out images from magazines and meaningful pieces of paper like tickets to create your paper bookmark.

Using other odd materials found in your art box is also a great idea. Be sure to get the bookmark laminated to prevent the design from falling apart. This may thicken your bookmark a little bit but still great to use on trade paperbacks and hard bound books.

Bookmarks made of ribbon can be given a new twist by adding decorative ends. The small portion of the ribbon left hanging out of the book pages can be embellished with beads or feathers. The top portion can be given a head or iconic design. Fans of vampire books, for example, can create similar themed bookmarks to give away to friends.

If you want a unique looking bookmark, you can try doing a corner bookmark. This is basically slipped on the corner of a page like a sleeve. You can use a cut out envelope corner as your base bookmark then just add your personal touch to it.

Books, new or used, can be enjoyed better with bookmarks that are both functional and decorative.